Attempt to validate a folder tree fails


This is, as the comment in code says (in PackageManager.cs line 465), a known problem.
I'm using folder trees for development, validation and also for deployment/runtime (I've found it's the easiest way to do it and also obtain "local independency" at the same time).
I've found a simple solution that seems to work fine (all combinations were not tested).
In the PackageUtil class´constructor I assigned the member variable projectName the value of the filename (packageFile.Name) instead of leaving it "Unknown":
    public PackageUtil(FileInfo packageFile)
        Application a = new Application();
        ssisPackage = a.LoadPackage(packageFile.FullName, null);
        this.packageFile = packageFile;
        this.projectName = packageFile.Name; // This line were added
After the change the validationTreeView will be built correct.