Targeted Component Updates


Currently the batch update features of PacMan are static and focused, and do not provide a generic batch updating solution. PacMan needs a more generic and flexible way to perform batch updates without requiring custom development.
Proposed feature: When a group of packages are selected, PacMan will present (on a new tab in the UI) a drop-down list of all component types (tasks, connection managers, data flow components, etc.) included in that set of packages. When the user selects a component type from the list, PacMan will then display a tree view of all components of that type in all packages. The user can then check or uncheck items in the tree to select only those components to be updated. (It is likely we will also need more targeted selection tools, but it is not yet clear how they should work.) The user can then edit component properties in a PropertyBrowser control, and update all selected components at once.